Talk to us about gaming console repair services in Evansville, IN

Since blowing into the cartridge doesn't do the trick anymore, you can turn to the experts at Phone Smart Repair for gaming console repair services. We can handle repair work for any type of gaming console.

Our electronic repair shop is located in Evansville, IN, but we also serve the Henderson, KY and Newburgh, IN areas. Call us today at 812-430-4916 to schedule video game console repair services.

We'll get you back to your boss battle before you know it

Is your PlayStation 4 struggling to connect to the internet? Is your Wii not picking up the signal from your Wii remote? Is your Xbox 360 displaying the "Red Ring of Death"? Whatever the issue may be, the technicians at Phone Smart Repair can provide the console repair services you need quickly and for a fair price.

Bring any gaming console, old or new, to our Evansville, IN electronic repair shop for repairs. We can even repair handheld systems like the Nintendo 3DS or the PSP.

Jump back into your game right away-come to Phone Smart Repair for gaming console repair services today.